At St Phils we have a set of songs which we regularly sing in our Sunday services. The preview of our Spotify playlist is found below. We made this playlist so that our members can be encouraged and built up by the songs we sing during the week as well.

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  • Jesus Didn’t Eat a Seder Meal
    Why Christians shouldn't either. Passover has a special allure for Christians. It is on the night of Passover, as all Israel is offering the pascal Lamb and eating matza (unleavened bread) and bitter herbs on the slopes of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that Jesus of Nazareth meets with his 12 disciples for the Last […]
  • Palm Sunday and the Gift of Disillusionment
    How the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry—and my chronic pain diagnosis—helped me trade in false hopes for a truer picture of God. The December sky was low and gray on the morning I woke up and could not feel my hands. I wrung out my arms, hoping the sensation would return. I shook them violently […]
  • At Notre Dame, Good Friday Came Early
    The cathedral’s famous Gothic form, which proclaimed Christ in shape and structure, will never die. Gothic architecture has long reached where Christian missionaries would go but are not permitted: the minds and hearts of the faithless. The world’s grief over the flames at Notre-Dame de Paris revealed its power as far more than architectural style. […]
  • What's Up With the Ugly Baby?
    Everyone's asking about the Passion scene where Satan is carrying a hideous infant. "Please explain the symbolism in the scene showing Satan holding a bald baby. Thank you." That's just one of dozens of e-mails we've received in the last few days, asking about a surreal scene in The Passion of The Christ where Satan […]
  • Mike Pence Is Coming to Taylor’s Graduation. The Class of 2019 Is Ready.
    Four years of political spats on campus have prepared us for partisan divides and controversy. Taylor University recently made national news with its announcement that Vice President Mike Pence will deliver this year’s commencement address—spurring backlash from students, alumni, parents, and faculty. This is not the only recent political clash to put the small evangelical […]

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