At St Phils we have a specific set of about 50 songs which we regularly sing in our Sunday services. The preview of our Spotify playlist is found below. We made this playlist so that our members can be encouraged and built up by the songs we sing during the week as well.

TGC Australia

  • The Paradox of Prayer
    by Tim Thorburn on 20 March, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    Praying is a paradox in the life of most Christians. When we reflect about the experience of praying, we find it is the easiest thing in the world, yet we are inevitably bad at doing it. And we find it is the point of feeling closest in our relationship with the God of the universe, but often it is also the point when we feel most distant from God. And when we try to outline a theology of prayer, we find another paradox. On the one hand it seems so simple—I talk to God and he hears me. But when... The post The Paradox of Prayer appeared first on The Gospel Coalition | Australia. […]

  • A Church Obsessed with Youthfulness? Andrew Root’s “Faith Formation in a Secular Age”
    by Jon Coombs on 19 March, 2018 at 1:01 am

    For many churches the youth ministry is a very important part of the life of the congregation. If the youth ministry is going well, the church is an attractive place to be. There is an energy, a vibrancy, a liveliness, about what’s going on in that church. On the other hand, when a church’s youth ministry isn’t seen this way, suggestions about what the church is going to do about the “young people” are vocalised. In his latest work, Faith Formation in a Secular Age: Responding to the Church’s Obsession with Youthfulness Andrew Root shows how the church has taken up... The post A Church Obsessed with Youthfulness? Andrew Root’s “Faith Formation in a Secular Age” appeared first on The Gospel Coalition | Australia. […]

  • Three Things to Help You Move from Campus to Workplace
    by Sharon Cheung on 18 March, 2018 at 10:28 pm

    ‘Does it ever get better?’ Minh* is sitting across the table from me, a recently graduated student who is now one month into his full-time job, wondering if his schedule is an anomaly. Not that long ago, Minh was finishing his degree whilst leading a prayer triplet on campus, regularly meeting with non-Christians to read the Bible, serving in the youth ministry at church and attending a weekly Bible study group on Friday night. He misses the flexibility of student life and wonders whether work is really for him. It just takes up so much time. He feels trapped when... The post Three Things to Help You Move from Campus to Workplace appeared first on The Gospel Coalition | Australia. […]

  • Christianity’s Unique Contribution to Western Civilisation: 2018 Richard Johnson Lecture with Nick Spencer
    by Matthew Payne on 15 March, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    Today more than ever before, people in western societies can go through life without encountering serious talk about God. Many probably never suspect that Christianity had a unique and essential role in forming many of the values and social institutions that we enjoy today. But it did. And it is useful for Christians to have a basic understanding of this for the sake of engaging our non-Christian friends who assume that Christianity has never done anything good for the world. This week the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX) hosted their annual Richard Johnson Lecture, a series that aims to ‘highlight... The post Christianity’s Unique Contribution to Western Civilisation: 2018 Richard Johnson Lecture with Nick Spencer appeared first on The Gospel Coalition | Australia. […]

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  • Lead Us Not Into Scandal
    While some other evangelicals stumbled in national news, Graham's Modesto Manifesto kept him from falling. On countless occasions during his career, usually at a press conference preceding a major crusade, Billy Graham declared that he sensed religious revival was breaking out and about to sweep over the land. In 1948, he happened to be right. […]
  • What I Would Have Done Differently
    Billy Graham's regrets, in his own words. For all of Billy Graham's remarkable accomplishments, he made his share of mistakes. These mistakes might have harmed his ministry if not for Graham's willingness to confess them and learn from them. "I've had to admit errors in judgment, and I've found Christian people more than generous in […]
  • America’s (Children’s) Pastor
    What kids' letters to Graham reveal about his place in society. While researching a book on Billy Graham's life and legacy, we discovered a cache of answered but apparently long-forgotten letters that children had posted to him in the early 1970s. The letters reveal that these children saw Graham as a combination of friend, confidant, […]
  • Not the Stuff of Romance Novels
    Billy and Ruth's marriage was one of calling. But true love came along. Billy Graham and Ruth Bell's early love story didn't unfold at all the way a romance writer might have penned it. There were no flirtatious winks across the room, no mushy meetings between classes, no plaintive pledges of undying love. They were […]
  • How a Humble Evangelist Changed Christianity As We Know It
    Churches were divided. Believers eschewed cultural influence. Liberal modernism was on the move. Then God made Billy Graham. The first time Ruth Bell saw her future husband, he was dashing down the dormitory steps two at a time. Now there's a young man who knows where he's going! she thought. But in fact Billy Graham […]

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  • Aid to flow for Tathra fire victims
    Anglican Aid has opened an emergency appeal to respond to the fires in the Southern New South Wales beach town of Tathra.
  • Every member at Nexus
    The most significant conference for Sydney Anglican clergy will be attended by 350 people.
  • ‘Faith for Life’ helps people with dementia remember the Lord
    Biblical Resources for people with dementia’ acknowledges the profound dignity of the person with dementia and their desire to explore and express faith while also recognising changing needs.
  • Putting the care in Anglicare
    Since rolling out the training last year, more than 1200 lifestyle carers and staff members have participated in upwards of 120 workshops, encouraging them to consider how God’s love transforms the care they provide to residents, clients and colleagues.
  • Hula hula hallelujah
    A ukulele festival seems like an unlikely gospel opportunity, but that’s reckoning without the enthusiastic community outreach of St Hilda’s at Katoomba.