At St Phils we have a specific set of about 50 songs which we regularly sing in our Sunday services. The preview of our Spotify playlist is found below. We made this playlist so that our members can be encouraged and built up by the songs we sing during the week as well.

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  • Why Evangelicals Voted Trump: Debunking the 81%
    Ahead of the midterms, the Billy Graham Center Institute examined the most infamous statistic about faith and the 2016 election. Over the past two years, few statistics have sparked as much debate both inside and outside evangelicalism as the fact that 81 percent of white evangelical voters picked Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Depending […]
  • The Irresistible Connection Between the Old and New Testaments
    Why Andy Stanley's “unhitching” robs Christianity of power. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus finishes a long series of parables by asking his disciples, “Have you understood all this?” They reply, “Yes.” Then Jesus closes his teaching, saying, “Therefore, every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is […]
  • Andy Stanley: Jesus Ended the Old Covenant Once and for All
    A brief response to Robert Foster on my book, ‘Irresistible.’ I want to thank Robert Foster for reading and engaging with my latest book, Irresistible. To begin, I’d like to clarify a few points. First, I’d like to put to rest any fears that my truncated quotation of 2 Timothy 3:16 in the book was […]
  • What Your Pastor Won’t Tell You (But Wishes You Knew) About Pastor Appreciation Month
    An open letter to congregants. Dear churchgoer, You may not know it, but this is a significant month for your pastor. October is Pastor Appreciation Month, bringing with it a complex mix of conflicting thoughts and emotions for most pastors. A few weeks ago, I spoke with a pastor friend about his recent day off. […]
  • Bethel Music and Bieber Sang It. But Do We Really Believe in ‘Reckless Love’?
    Worship experts weigh in on the theology beneath Cory Asbury’s chart-topping hit. Bethel Music’s Cory Asbury hit it big with his song about the “the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.” “Reckless Love” reached No. 1 for Christian airplay last week, with more than 10 million listeners, according to Nielsen Music. It’s also back at […]

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  • ‘Avoid cheap grace’ says DV task force
    The Archdeacon for Women spoke with sadness and anger in her voice, as she told Synod of the damage wrought by domestic abusers.
  • Archbishop rejects ‘mischief making’ over Ruddock Report
    Archbishop Glenn Davies has rejected what he called the mischievous misrepresentation of the Ruddock Report and given a clear statement that Sydney Anglican Schools do not expel students for being gay.
  • Sydney helps Bathurst
    The Synod of the Diocese of Sydney has voted in favour of a six-year plan to help fund the infrastructure of the Diocese of Bathurst, to ensure the continuation of Christian witness in Central Western New South Wales.
  • Bankstown Serves Neighbours
    When many Arabic-speaking families started showing up at Bankstown Anglican’s Mobile Food Pantry, the ministry staff wanted to do more than just feed them.
  • Anglican Aid opens Tsunami appeal
    Anglican Aid has opened an appeal to provide emergency help to victims of the Indonesian tsunami which hit Central Sulawesi.