At St Phils we have a specific set of about 50 songs which we regularly sing in our Sunday services. The preview of our Spotify playlist is found below. We made this playlist so that our members can be encouraged and built up by the songs we sing during the week as well.

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  • God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
    I was rolling on Ecstasy when the scales suddenly fell from my eyes. I never thought I would become a Christian. I wasn’t raised in church. I grew up believing science had all the answers, that religion was merely lingering superstition from a more primitive time. Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, Jonah living in the […]
  • Let’s Quit the Tug-of-War over Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Legacy
    How the German martyr’s example has been used—and abused—in American public discourse. We Americans have fashioned many Dietrich Bonhoeffers for ourselves in the decades since the German theologian was put to death at the Flossenbürg concentration camp in 1945. In The Battle for Bonhoeffer: Debating Discipleship in the Age of Trump, Rhodes College professor Stephen […]
  • John MacArthur's ‘Statement on Social Justice’ Is Aggravating Evangelicals
    Christians are talking past each other once again. What's going on? Last week, John MacArthur and a dozen other Christian leaders launched a website presenting The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. In the statement, the signatories claim that the social justice movement endangers Christians with “an onslaught of dangerous and false teachings that […]
  • More Than Material Minds
    As a Christian and a neuroscientist, I keep learning that to be human is to have a soul. I watched the CAT scan images appear on the screen, one by one. The baby’s head was mostly empty. There were only thin slivers of brain—a bit of brain tissue at the base of the skull, and […]
  • The Bill Hybels News Isn’t Just Another Pastor Sex Scandal
    Willow Creek changed how Americans do church. What happens now? Listeners interested in the deeper issues raised by the Bill Hybels allegations may also be interested in Episode 102: When You Hear Sexual Misconduct Allegations About Your Pastoror Episode 80: Supporting the Opposite Gender in the Christian Workplace. Last year, Willow Creek Community Church founder […]

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