Music Collaboration

In our current COVID-19 environment, church music is restricted due to our social distancing enforcing physical limitations.  However, it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and continue to make music as the body of Christ!!

So, we’re trying something crazy and a bit different.  For songs coming up, we are asking members of our church to add tracks to our basic songs that we’ll be singing together in upcoming services.  The concept is fairly simple:

  1. Download a song (see links below) that has been mixed down by Justin and Mike.  At present we’ve just recorded drums, bass, piano and a vocal.
  2. Using your own creativity, make music that goes with that song – you might produce a harmony, or play another instrument not yet recorded, or something else!
  3. Record your track in WAV format and send it to us – via email or by sending us a link of the file to download.
  4. We’ll do our best to add your song as another track of the final song to be sung in praise to our God.

Remember, the aim is to encourage the body of Christ to use our individual gifts AND as we serve together we can produce something wonderful to encourage the church in song.

Finished Collaborated Songs