Mid-week Study Groups

On 23 March 2020, we were advised that all places of worship were to be shut down due to the present crisis of COVID-19.  Now more than ever do we need to be reminded of the words of Hebrews 13:5-6 as they are imported into our context:

God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”  So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid….” 

And we believe that with all our heart, especially when the world seems to be melting away!

In addition to “places of worship” being suspended until further notice, we are strongly advising to discontinue Bible studies in homes as well.  As a result, we have moved all our Bible studies onto an online platform, Zoom.

We are encouraging every St Phils member to join an online group

The zoom platform enables us to achieve our objectives which we outlined from the beginning of the coronavirus crisis:

  1. Zoom allows us to continue teaching and encouraging God’s people in His Word.
  2. Zoom help us to establish a strong culture of interaction and sharing which promotes love and care for one another.
  3. Zoom allows us to pray together in our small group or in the combined larger group of all Bible study groups meeting at the same time.
  4. By meeting via Zoom, we comply with the directives of NSW Health and other governing bodies.

We have plenty of options if you want to meet in small groups with other people in our church community.  Our mid-week study groups are all currently meeting on our Zoom platform and meet throughout the week at at various times throughout the day. 

Click here for information explaining how to join a Zoom meeting.

(1) How can I join a Zoom Bible Study?

We do not publish the URLs or Meeting IDs of each meeting on the website.  However, if you sign up for the St Phil’s Weekly Email you can find them at the bottom of the email.  Alternatively, you can contact us on the form below:

(2) How will Bible studies meet on Zoom?

Bible Studies on Zoom work in a simple 3-step process:

  1. We provide links for members of Bible studies meeting on different nights of the week. These links are available on your St Phil’s Weekly Emails or you may request a link via the above form.
  2. When a church member clicks on the link (and downloads the Zoom app) or calls the local phone number (for an audio-only connection) then the member will enter an online room for all people meeting on the night.
  3. After a short prayer and introduction to how this works, each member will be placed in their existing Bible study groups (by our online administrator) for the duration of the study.

For example, if one is joining a Bible study on Tuesday night:

  1. Click on the “Join Zoom Meeitng” URL to access Zoom or call in at the appropriate time.  A “Meeting ID” may need to be submitted
  2. Whilst in the main group (with all other members of Tuesday night), the host will pray and give some instructions of what will happen next
  3. The host will move each Zoom attendee into a virtual room consisting of the other members of their Bible study.  New members will be allocated to the group of their choice.

(3) What are the details for connecting to the Bible study groups

As mentioned earlier, Bible studies will be meeting according to the night that they usually me on. information to connect to a group are available on your St Phil’s Weekly Emails or you may request a link via the above form.

Click here for information explaining how to join a Zoom meeting.

(4) What if I want to join an online Bible study community?

We are encouraging everyone in our church to get involved in one of our online communities. We are providing them via Zoom for mid-week Bible Studies, as well as during our regular Sunday service times.  Sign up on the form at #1.

If you would like to join a group on any given night, then please just click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” URL and follow the prompts to install the Zoom app. Once you have joined the meeting, our online administrator can allocate you to a group if you have no preference, or place you in the group of your choosing – whatever works for you!

Please bear with us if you experience technical difficulties with the Zoom app.  Don’t forget that they too have experienced unbelievable growth these past few days as churches and workplaces have all moved to their platform.  But if you experience difficulties then please keep persevering and God-willing we can join each other to have a positive time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship in our Zoom groups. Moreover, please keep our church and our world in your prayers as we are praying that through this, we may be part of something wonder magnificent as we seek new ways to love each other, fellowship together, and grow in Christ – for His glory.

Yours in Christ,
Eric Cheung