Jesus is …

In March 2018, St Phils is joining with all other Anglican Churches in the Wollongong Region for the “Jesus is …” mission.  In  preparation for this mission  our churches are sharing a Bible Study and Preaching Program.

We would love for you to be praying for this mission, bringing friends to hear the Gospel and  also for your Bible Study groups to work through the Term 1 Study program.

Download the Term 1 Bible Study Booklet


The preaching program is as follows:


Week commencing




Reading Plan


5th February


1. Jesus is the Son of God


John 1:35-51
12th February


2. Jesus is irrelevant


Matthew 11:1-24
19th February


3. Jesus is a fairy tale


John 20:24-31
26th February


4. Jesus is trustworthy


Luke 6:43-49

John 18:28-40

5th March


5. Jesus is a bigot


Luke 6:27-36

Luke 10:25-37

12 March


6. Jesus is just one way among many John 14:1-14
19th March


7. Jesus is truth & love Mark 1:29-2:12


26th March


8. Jesus is dead & buried Luke 23:32-56
2nd April


9. Jesus is alive and risen


John 20:1-18
9th April


10. Jesus is coming back


Matt. 24:42-51

2 Peter 3:1-13